Tuesday, June 2, 2009

20 Tips Leaders Use To Create a Development Culture

DevelopGrowPromotej0438566jpeg Leaders are judged by their team’s performance. This is one of the reasons why coaching for improved performance is critical. Yet, coaching individuals is not enough. The most effective leaders also make development an important aspect of their unit’s culture. They understand that developing all their direct reports is critical to their overall success. Listed below are 20 practical tips to help you create a culture of development on your team.

1. Dedicate a small portion of each meeting to education.

2. Invite key stakeholders from other units to educate your team as part of “brown bag lunches.”

3. Encourage job shadowing.

4. Have a book-of-the-month club.

5. Require those who travel to association meetings to educate those who did not go to the meeting.

6. Reward those who earn educational achievements.

7. Applaud those who join their professional associations publicly.

8. Conduct after-action-reviews after delegating tasks to team members.

9. Create project teams dedicated to continuous improvement.

10. Create project teams dedicated to innovative growth.

11. Rotate team members through key positions in your unit to help them grow key skills.

12. Meet with all your employees individually at least once a week to discuss how you can help them be more efficient and effective on the job.

13. Disseminate articles that highlight relevant issues, trends, and development opportunities.

14. Help team members develop skills by having each individual share the progress they are making on one development need every week.

15. Maintain a development file for each of your employees.

16. Ask team members to brainstorm ways to encourage the development of skills for the team and each other.

17. Confront poor performance privately, immediately, and directly.

18. Groom at least one high-potential employee to replace you.

19. Make time to coach by delegating small portions of your job to others.

20. Communicate monthly regarding how the team's ongoing development relates to the organization's strategy.

The most effective leaders coach individuals and create a culture of development. Which of these 20 tips have you used to create your culture? What others have you found useful?

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Tom said...

Thanks Dave. This is a really good blueprint for developing my skills to run my new school.

Dave Jensen, Leadership Expert said...

Thanks Tom,

I'm very interested in your new school. Let me know how it unfolds.