Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Employees Judge Your Change Process

ChangeCompassj0295581jpeg314x235 Research tells us that if employees don’t buy into the process of change they won’t buy into the desired outcome of the change. (1) Is it any surprise therefore, that a survey of 5,100 global business leaders by the American Management Association found that most change initiatives fail because the leaders fail to gain buy-in to the process of change? (2)

Previous blogs have focused on rectifying this failure. These blogs recommended monitoring your team closely, teaching them how to embrace the paradox of change, engaging them in the process, and inspiring them during the early stages of the change in order to gain buy-in.

But how do you know if your attempts to gain buy-in are working? How do you know if your team is committed or merely complying to the change? Invite them to take (anonymously) the “Change Process Survey” below:

The Change Process Survey

Regarding the recent change initiative, I believe…

Strongly Disagree = 1; Neither Agree or disagree = 3; Strongly Agree = 5

1. The process of change is transparent.

2. Decisions are being made fairly.

3. Employees are being treated fairly.

4. I think the change will be good for our unit.

5. Employees are kept informed.

6. Employee views are considered.

7. Explanations are honest.

8. The organization is concerned about employee well-being.

9. Objective information is used to make decisions.

10. Employee rights are being respected.

11. My needs are being considered.

12. The organization is trying to do what is best for me.

13. Employees are being treated with dignity.

14. Our unit will be well positioned for the future.

15. In general, the salary and benefits changes are fair.

The scoring is as follows: High = 60-75; Medium = 45-59; Low 30-44. I adapted this survey so that it also serves as a summary of many techniques that increase initial buy-in to any change. So, if the team scores (you) low in any area, ask them how to improve.

Let me know how it works for you. Also, I’d love to hear how you gain buy-in to your change initiatives.

AND remember, a change well begun is half done!

Keep eXpanding,

1. Geert Devos, Marc Buelens, and Dave Bouckenooghe; Contribution of Content, Context, and Process to Understanding Openness to Organizational Change: Two Experimental Simulation Studies, The Journal of Social Psychology, December 1, 2007.

2. Dan Cohen, Building Strategic Agility, American Management Association - MWORLD, 2006, page 12 – 15.

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