Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Leading 'Fireside Chats on Steroids'

Dear Mr. President,

It is only a week after your inauguration and the media has reverted to focusing on what is negative. Yet, negativity will not help our country get back on its feet. Here's what will:

President Washington ordered his leaders to read Thomas Paine's, Common Sense during the darkest hours of 1776 because he knew that “people move in the direction of the dominant images they place or let others place in their minds.” Mr. President, I believe that this is your biggest challenge and opportunity: to consistently and constantly place before the American people a positive vision of where we are going and the small steps we must all take to get there.

Fireplacej0232721jpg As you communicate your message, please do not mistake broadcasting for communication. We cannot solve today's problems with yesterday's thinking or methods. What is needed is a weekly "Fireside Chat on Steroids."

During this weekly half-hour discussion, cover the following agenda items:

1. Explain one aspect of a strategic priority and why it's important.

2. Present the progress that you, Congress, and other leaders are making.

3. Request specific actions (and sacrifices) we must all take to further the cause.

4. Provide an update on the previous week's discussion.

Because the focus is on discussion, I encourage you to use the technological wonders at your disposal (live texting, webinars, YouTube videos, instant polling…) to facilitate feedback and promote citizen involvement. Increasing involvement increase commitment.

President Washington understood that the job of a leader is to unleash the creative energy of the people in a given direction. By taking your case to the people and holding everyone accountable for progress, you will focus the tremendous energy of our people on our common cause.

Let me know if I can help,

PS How will you adapt the principles in this blog to lead your people?


David G. Jensen

3518 Barry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


sue said...

Dave - I admire and am inspired by your hootspa in writing to our President. Good for you! Love the message. Spot on.

Dave Jensen, Leadership Expert said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much.
We must not die with our song inside!